Your kindness can help thousands of young children start or continue their learning journey. You hold the power to equip families in remote locations and rural parts of India with the right tools to support their child's learning needs, and the power to support local government bodies and civil society with meaningful data to drive sound decisions. A little girl can dream bigger and make a living for herself in the future if you decide to give forward today.

Amidst the global pandemic, we have been able to continue to move forward with your help. Children have not been able to attend school as they used to, which is why we have taken up initiatives to drive Digital Learning and E-Learning Familiarization amongst the youth.

Today, choose to help a child escape from the bonds of poverty through a donation for the betterment of government schools. Give a life-changing gift that can have an impact in someone's life for the long term. Every small contribution counts. You may choose to contribute just this once, or continue to support our initiatives periodically. Your donation will ensure that government schools receive the right tools to enable young children to learn better.

Help us help the children.